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The Apple offers a range of approximately 40 different Ciders and Cider-related drinks, including our very own strong cider ‘Old Bristolian’ 8.4 ABV. Our van does the cider run every week to collect numerous traditional craft ciders from local artisan producers. We have something for everyone’s palette – still ciders, sparkling ciders, dry, medium and sweet, apple, pear, strawberry or raspberry, clear and cloudy, local, national and international ciders and unique apple-distilled spirits like Apple Eau de Vie & Somerset Cider Brandy.

If you’re sure you don’t like Cider, we’re equally as sure we can convert you! This isn’t the nasty, chemically rubbish. This is real cider, made from nothing but apples, natural and organic, well-balanced, craft-produced and as alcoholic drinks go pretty healthy! All our customers are actively encouraged to try free tasters of any of our draught ciders and we’ve never failed to convert anyone.

We also offer a range of specials including some unique apple and cider based cocktails of our own creation, as well as reviving some traditional English classics, like Apples & Pears and Tractor Fuel. Try some Cider Sangria, or share a jug of Bristol Pimms, a twist on the classic with a splash of locally-distilled Apple Aperitif.

The thought and attention that goes into our cider range is also evident in the rest of our drinks selection. Our wine menu contains some exceptional craft-produced wines, our range of spirits stretches to 10 different rums, our lagers and beers include household names like San Miguel and Red Stripe alongside more specialist names like popular local favourite Southville Hop from Bristol Beer Factory.